Veranstaltungen der GDCh-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Phosphorchemie

Spring Meeting der GDCh-AG Phosphorchemie (12./13.03.2023; Dresden)

Workshop Cutting-Edge Homogeneous Catalysis (29.-31.03.2022; Leipzig)


1. Jahrestagung der GDCh-AG Phosphorchemie (20./21.03.2022; Saarbrücken)

Amazing Phosphorus: Today's Innovations for Tomorrows Applications (21.09.2021)

GDCh-Wissenschaftsforum Chemie 2021 (31.08.2021; online)

Heavier Group 15 Elements in Action: PAsSbBi Chemistry
Chairs: C. Müller, E. Hey-Hawkins

  • Phosphonio-phosphanides [LCP-PR3]+ as versatile [LC–P]+ transfer reagents (LC = NHC) (J.J. Weigand, Dresden/DE)
  • Metal phosphide nanoparticles from colloidal routes: new trends for a rational design (S. Carenco, Paris/FR)
  • A chiral phosphazane reagent for the determination of enantiomeric excess of amines (D.S. Wright, Cambridge/GB)
  • From pnictogen-centered radicals over homo- and heteronuclear pi-bonded pnictenes to multinuclear cluster-type compounds (S. Schulz, Essen/DE)
  • The use of synthetic phosphonic acids for metabolic studies (K. Pallitsch, Wien/AT)
  • Lewis acidic bismuth cations (C. Lichtenberg, Würzburg/DE)
  • Crystallization-based resolution of a lithiated phosphine borane for the synthesis of P-stereogenic phosphines and mechanistic insights (Y. Kuzu, Dortmund/DE)
  • Mitgliederversammlung der GDCh-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Phosphorchemie

GDCh-Wissenschaftsforum Chemie 2019 (17.09.2019; Aachen)

Happy 350th Anniversary, Phosphorus
Session I - Chair:
E. Hey‐Hawkins (Leipzig)

  • Happy 350th Anniversary, Phosphorus! (J.J. Weigand, Dresden)
  • Phosphor in 2D- und 1D-Materialien (T. Nilges, München)
  • Advances in P-based Molecular Materials for Optoelectronics (M. Hissler, Rennes/FR)
  • News from the Chemistry of Low-coordinate Phosphorus Heterocycles (M.A. Liauw, Aachen)

Session II - Chair: M. Scheer (Regensburg)

  • Building Blocks Containing Phosphorus for Atom Efficient Syntheses (H. Grützmacher, Zürich/CH)
  • Catalytic Functionalization of White Phosphorus to Triarylphosphines and Tetraarylphosphonium Salts (R. Wolf, Regensburg)
  • Phosphorimidazolide Reagents for the Selective Derivatization of Phosphopeptides and Phosphoproteins (D. Fiedler, Berlin)
  • Poster-Flashtalks
  • Mitgliederversammlung der GDCh-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Phosphorchemie

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