Conferences: Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry (FiMC)

FiMC is the international annual symposium series of the GDCh Division of Medicinal Chemistry, designed to attract researchers from industry and academia, working in medicinal chemistry, chemical biology, and related fields.

Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry & further information

Webinars: MedChemCASES

MedChemCASES is a new webinar series of the GDCh Division of Medicinal Chemistry, presenting exciting medicinal chemistry case studies from industry and academia.

MedChemCASES & further information

Workshops: MedChemINterACTION

The workshops provide a forum for interaction and discussions among practitioners from industry and academia to share experiences and discuss future challenges and topics for medicinal chemistry and the drug discovery process.

MedChemINterACTION & further information

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