Professuren und wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs (© GDCh)

In die GDCh-Stellenliste "Professuren" werden Professoren-, Juniorprofessoren- sowie Stellen für wissenschaftliche Nachwuchskräfte in der Chemie im In- und Ausland aufgenommen.

Doktoranden- und Postdocstellen werden in der Stellenliste Hochschulen und Forschungsinstitute veröffentlicht.

Die neusten Ausschreibungen befinden sich am Anfang der Stellenliste.

Informationen für Stellenanbieter von Professuren und wiss. Nachwuchspositionen

Richtlinien für die Einreichung von Kleinanzeigen

Stellenausschreibungen auf dieser Internetseite werden kostenlos aufgenommen, wenn sie per E-Mail eingehen. Die Stellenliste Professuren und wissenschaftlicher Nachwuchs wird dann baldmöglichst, spätestens innerhalb einer Arbeitswoche, aktualisiert. 

Bitte senden Sie Ihre Angebote an karriere@gdch.de und setzen Sie den Anzeigentext direkt in die Mail oder fügen ihn als .rtf-File bei. Bitte senden Sie uns kein pdf! Um Rückfragen zu vermeiden, geben Sie bitte jeweils an, ob die Veröffentlichung nur im Internet oder zusätzlich in den "Nachrichten" erfolgen soll. Die Stellenanzeige sollte im Fließtext formuliert sein.

Um Interessenten einen raschen Überblick zu ermöglichen, sollte der Anzeigentext im ersten Satz die ausgeschriebene Stelle (Professur) und das ausschreibende Institut bzw. die Hochschule enthalten ("Am Institut für xxx der Universität yyy ist eine Professur auf dem Gebiet der Anorganischen Chemie zu besetzen"). Am Ende der Anzeige geben Sie bitte die Adresse für Bewerbungen und das Datum des Bewerbungsschlusses an. Muster finden Sie bei den aktuellen Ausschreibungen unten.

Anzeigen für Professuren und wissenschaftliche Nachwuchskräfte sollten ca. 2.500 Zeichen (inkl. Leerzeichen) nicht überschreiten.
Bitte senden Sie uns keine gestaltete Anzeige! Bei Angaben einer Adresse verlinken wir aber gerne auf den vollständigen Ausschreibungstext. Wir bitten um Verständnis, dass wir Texte, die nicht unseren Richtlinien entsprechen, mit der Bitte um Überarbeitung an den Einsender zurückschicken oder ohne Benachrichtigung der Inserenten kürzen.

Möchten Sie die Ausschreibung zusätzlich in den "Nachrichten aus der Chemie" veröffentlichen, so haben Sie zwei Möglichkeiten:

1. Die individuelle Anzeige mit Graphiken, Logo etc. Hier können Sie Gestaltung und Textlänge frei wählen. Beispiele für gestaltete Anzeigen finden Sie in unserer Stellenliste Industrie und öffentlicher Dienst. Die Kosten der Anzeige richten sich nach deren Größe. mehr

2. Eine Kleinanzeige im Fließtext ohne Logo, Graphiken etc. Wie bisher haben Sie die Möglichkeit, Ihre Internet-Kleinanzeige zusätzlich als Kleinanzeige in den "Nachrichten" zu veröffentlichen. Für die Veröffentlichung wird eine Pauschale von EUR 150,- + MwSt berechnet. Bitte teilen Sie uns dann in Ihrer Mail mit, dass Sie die zusätzliche Veröffentlichung der Kleinanzeige in den „Nachrichten“ wünschen.


Information for job advertisers with positions for professors and junior researchers

Guidelines for the submission of job advertisements

Job offerings on this website will be posted for free on these websites if they reach us via E-Mail. The job list Professors and Junior Researchers is updated within a week at the latest.

Please send the text of your job advertisement to karriere@gdch.de and insert it right into the Mail or attach it as an .rtf-file. Please do not send PDF files! In order to avoid further inquiries from our sides please do also indicate whether the publication should be online only or additionally in the “Nachrichten”, our monthly member’s magazine.

To provide job seekers a quick overview, the first line of the advertisement should name the vacant position (professorship) and the institute or university with the vacancy (e.g. "Professorship available at the Institute for xxx of yyy University" – please see sample texts). Please also mention the application deadline and give the address for applications at the end of the ad.

The advertisement should have about 2.500 characters including blanks. We reserve the right to shorten longer texts without notifying the advertiser. Please do not send us a designed advertisement! However, you can of course link to the complete announcement on your website.

Should you additionally want to publish your announcement in “Nachrichten aus der Chemie”, you have two options:
1. The individual job advert with graphics, logos etc: Choosing this option you can decide on the layout and text length yourself. For examples for individual ads take a look at our online job market “Industry and public service”. Prices vary according to the ad’s size. more

2. A small ad in form of a continuous text without graphics, logos. etc: You can choose to publish the same announcement as from the list “Universities and Research Institutes” additionally as a small ad in the “Nachrichten”. For a small ad in print we charge EUR 150,- (+ tax). Please mention in your mail if you want an additional publication as a small ad in “Nachrichten”.



Aktuelle Ausschreibungen

The Faculty of Science at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, has an opening for a position as ASSISTANT PROFESSOR (tenure track) IN INORGANIC AND ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY. RESPONSIBILITIES: The department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry of the Faculty of Science of the University of Geneva offers an innovative and vibrant scientific environment. Leading research activities are performed, which are recognized worldwide for their interdisciplinarity combining the design of novel analytical techniques, the study of interactions of molecules and polymers with solid surfaces with electrochemistry, coordination chemistry and metallosupramolecular chemistry. It concerns a full time position with teaching in French and in English at the Bachelor and Masters levels in the field of inorganic and material chemistry. The successful candidate is expected to lead a visible and independent research group that will be externally funded and at an internationally competitive level. The field of research is open but should complement existing expertise in the department. We are particularly interested in the design of smart (bio)materials having applications as (bio)analytical sensors and probes. The candidate will be involved in administrative duties in the Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry and in the Faculty of Science. REQUIREMENTS: PhD in chemistry or equivalent. Prior experience in leading a research group and in teaching is desired. Publications in international peer-reviewed journals. STARTING DATE: January 1st, 2019, or as agreed. Applications should include a cover letter, detailed CV together with a list of publications, copy of highest degrees/diploma, research and teaching statements, list of referees who may later be contacted directly by the search committee. Recommendation letters are not requested at this stage. Applications should be submitted exclusively online here before June 30th, 2018 (0:00 Geneva time). APPLICATIONS SENT BY EMAIL SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Complementary information may be obtained at the following e-mail address: scienceopenings@unige.ch. Applications from women are particularly welcome. You can read this announcement here


Associate Professor in organic analytical chemistry at the Dpt. of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry (ACES) at Stockholm University. The Analytical Chemistry unit is recruiting new staff members to further the development of analytical chemistry at Stockholm University. Subject: Organic analytical chemistry, Main responsibilities: Research, teaching and supervision. Requirements: good teaching skills, doctoral degree, or equivalent research expertise, of relevance to the subject area and the main responsibilities of the position. All teaching positions at Stockholm University require the ability to collaborate and the general ability and suitability to perform one’s duties. In the appointment process, special attention will be given to research and teaching skills. The assessment of research skills will focus primarily on merits within the subject area of the position. Administrative skills will also be considered. Completed training in teaching and learning in higher education, or equiv. knowledge, is an advantage. An applicant who has not completed at least 15 credits of teaching and learning in higher education and is not considered to have otherwise acquired equiv. knowledge should undergo such training within the first 2 years of employment. Teaching is within the department’s analytical chemistry curriculum at the basic and advanced level. Language of instruction in first-cycle courses and programmes is Swedish. If the successful candidate does not speak Swedish at the time of appointment, he/she is expected to acquire the necessary language skills during the first 2 years of employment. Female applicants are particularly welcome, as most associate professors at the department are men. Stockholm University strives to be a workplace free from discrimination and with equal opportunities for all. Application through Stockholm University's recruitment system. We would appreciate it if your application is written in English. Closing date: 4 June 2018. Ref. No. SU FV-0680-18. Full job description here. Further information about the position can be obtained from the Analytical Chemistry Unit Head, Professor Cynthia de Wit, telephone: +46 8 6747180, cynthia.dewit@aces.su.se.

Auf der Stellenliste Industrie & öffentlicher Dienst finden Sie gelegentlich weitere vakante Professuren.

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