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22.11.2017 907/17

Chemical Development and Scale-Up in the Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Ort: Frankfurt/Main
Referent: Dr. Will Watson
Art: FB

vom 22.11.2017 bis 24.11.2017


Tel.: +49 69 7917-364/-291
Fax: +49 69 7917-475

- To train R&D chemists and engineers in the most efficient methods for developing cheap, robust processes used to manufacture fine organic chemicals in the minimum amount of time - To educate Chemists in the principles of scale-up and development, in basic chemical engineering concepts and in techniques for the optimisation of processes • To educate chemists to learn from the experience (and mistakes) of others by examining case studies from industry

Converting a synthetic route used to make gram quantities of a chemical to a process for manufacturing tonne quantities is a topic about which much is known, but where the "Tricks of the Trade" are handed down within companies. There is little shared experience between chemists in different companies, and the result is a lack of awareness of what is involved in chemical development - the skills and techniques needed to efficiently scale-up chemical processes. Since many processes require chiral synthesis or use chiral catalysts, where control of conditions and optical purity are critical, the development chemist who transfers thesis processes to plant needs to be aware of the techniques whichwill lead to efficient scale-up. The course will show that the fascination of chemical development lies in its multi-disciplinary nature, from the initial interaction with research, to the liaison with Chemical Engineers in a production environment. A logical investigative approach to all aspects of development and scale-up will be used with many case studies to illustrate the industrial concepts.

Young Chemists who have just started work in industry as development chemists. Organic Chemists / Medicinal Chemists in Research and Development who would like to gain in appreciation of development and scale-up and who are contemplating moving into Perhaps Chemical Development. Development and Production Chemists in industry who would like to improve efficiency and gain of Their insight into alternative Approaches to Chemical Development. Chemical Engineers who wish to understand a chemist's approach to chemical development of batch processes (a good grounding in Organic Chemistry is important). Students who are about to enter the industry and can obtain company sponsorship.

Gebühr für Mitglieder: 1.820 EUR

Gebühr für Nichtmitglieder: 1.940 EUR

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