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Joint statement of DVGeo, DPG, GDCh and VBIO concerning the war in Ukraine

The four major natural science societies are deeply concerned about the warlike violence which, instead of seeking peaceful conciliation and cooperation, is ruining human lives, ignoring self-determination, and destroying cooperation. Our concern and solidarity are with the Ukrainian people and all other sufferers of this war, whose immediate end we demand.

As scientific societies, we cooperate with partner organizations around the world and promote the international community of scientists and students. We stand for cross-national dialogue and the joint development of knowledge-based solutions. The free exchange of knowledge across borders is inseparable from respect for human rights, freedom of expression and international law. 

This war shows us unequivocally how important it is to stand up resolutely for our democratic values. Even though politics is now called upon, we as scientists also have an important responsibility and task: We will do our utmost to continue to maintain the bridges for a free exchange of scientific knowledge and opinions across national borders and cultures. We will not be shaken in our belief in the unifying effect of science!
Umbrella Organization of Geosciences in Germany (DVGeo)
German Physical Society (DPG)
German Chemical Society (GDCh)
German Life Sciences Association (VBIO)

UPDATE 7. März 2022: Wir haben eine neue Webseite ( eingerichtet, auf der eine regelmäßig aktualisierte Zusammenstellung von weiteren Statements, Hilfsangeboten für Ukrainische Wissenschaftler:innen und Hilfsorganisationen veröffentlicht werden.