Albert Weller Prize

Albert Weller Prize from the GDCh Photochemistry division

Albert Weller (1922-1996)

In honor of Albert Weller (1922-1996), the GDCh Photochemistry division , together with the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry, usually awards the Albert Weller Prize for an outstanding dissertation in the field of Photochemistry/ Spectroscopy every two years . A panel of experts made up of two members from each company will decide on the award of the prize.

The award is intended for young scientists up to a maximum of two years after completing their doctorate and is combined with a certificate and prize money of 1,000 euros. Usually, the collection takes place at the annual meeting of the division for Photochemistry and / * in the winners are invited to present the award-winning work in a scientific lecture.

Albert Weller Prize 2020

Dr. Michael Peter Kathan

The Photochemistry division of the German Chemical Society and the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry award the Albert Weller Prize 2020, donated by ATTO-TEC GmbH, to Dr. Michael Peter Kathan and Dr. Yusen Luo.

The award is given to Dr. Kathan awarded in recognition of his outstanding dissertation with the title: "Photoswitching Reactivity - From Remote-Controlled to Light-Driven Chemical Systems". The award winner's impressive work deals with the fundamental question of the photochemical control of thermal equilibria Developed creative approaches to optically control and drive condensation-hydrolysis equilibria with the help of photoswitches. Through the creative coupling of photo-induced 6? electrocyclization and thermal keto-enol tautomerism, he was able to remotely control living polymerization processes on the one hand and dynamically covalent imine- Bonds contrary to their equilibrium position, ie quasi uphill, tie or break. His work has significant application potential for self-healing materials, for example in sensors and for solar recycling of polymers. The dissertation was in the group of Prof. Dr. S tefan Hecht at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

The prize is awarded to Dr. Luo to recognize her outstanding doctoral thesis, entitled: ?Photoinduced Electron Transfer Dynamics in Ruthenium (II) Bis (terpyridine) Based Molecular Dyads and Triads?. Dr. Luo studied the photoinduced electron-transfer dynamics in covalently linked molecular dyads and triads as model systems for molecular photoredox catalysts. Using model systems comprising a Ru-terpyridin-based photosensitizer, a fullerene acceptor and a phenothiazine donor, Dr. Luo could obtain novel insights into the mechanisms of photodriven electron transfer. Resorting on temperature-dependent ultrafast time-resolved transient absorption spectroscopy, Dr. Luo experimentally demonstrated novel effects, eg investigating the impact of a formally spectator ligand on the electronic coupling between photosensitizer and electron donor. Such "remote control" of electron transfer has been speculated about but has never been demonstrated experimentally before.

Albert Weller Prize 1999ff

Photochemistry division and German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry

year Lending location Surname Institute
2020 Online lecture conference Dr. Michael Peter Kathan
Dr. Yusen Luo

Humboldt University of Berlin
Friedrich Schiller University Jena

2016 Jena Dr. Dominik Bucher
Dr. Martin Herder
LMU Munich
Humboldt University of Berlin
2014 Cologne Dr. Katharina Röttger
Dr. Maria Wächtler

University of Kiel
University of Jena

2010 gain Dr. Tobias Nils Wassermann University of Göttingen
2008 Bielefeld Dr. Philipp Zacharias University of Cologne
2007 Cologne Dr. Anton Granzhan
Dr. Manuela Schiek

University of Siegen
University of Oldenburg

2005 Jena Dr. Christoph David Müller University of Cologne
2003 Mülheim ad Ruhr Dr. Robert Huber
Dr. Uwe Pischel
LMU Munich
Porto / Portugal
2001 Wurzburg Dr. Wojciech Macyk
Dr. Tobias Steinel

University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
University of Göttingen

1999 Munich Dr. Peter Gilch LMU Munich

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