Ernst Awards

On the occasion of the Discussion Group Meeting together with the French group GERM held in Obernai from September 27th - 30th 1998, an Honorary Membership of the Magnetic Resonance Discussion Group of the German Chemical Society was bestowed upon.

Prof. Dr. R. R. Ernst
Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 1991

[very personal autobiography] [ extraordinary interview]

in recognition of his essential contributions to applications of Magnetic Resonance in solution, solid state and imaging magnetic resonance.

At the same time, an award honoring the work of young scientists has been established.


Ausschreibung 2019




A special award is given to a distinguished scientist in the field of magnetic resonance. Nominees -- preferably young researchers -- should have made a particularly impactful scientific contribution over the course of the last five years. All of the disciplines associated with magnetic resonance can be considered. A sub-committee of the Board of the FGMR is responsible to select the awardee among the nominations. 

The award is endowed with 1000 €€. 

The awardee is supposed to give a total of four lectures. The first of these follows the award ceremony within the EUROMAR/ISMAR from 25th to 30th August 2019 in Berlin.

Nominations should include a written letter of recommendation in addition to the curriculum vitae and a list of publications of the nominee and should be sent no later than March 31th, 2019 to: 

Dr. Susanne Kühner
Varrentrappstr. 40 - 42
D-60486 Frankfurt


announcement/Ausschreibung 2019 

Awardee / Bisherige Preisträger

Albert Overhauser Award

In recognition of Prof. Albert Warner Overhauser`s pioneering research for magnetic resonance spectroscopy, the GDCh division of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy will award 2019 for the first time.

The Award honors outstanding scientific papers of Postdocs enriching the methodology, the theoretical understanding or the application of Magnetic Resonance.

The award is endowed with 750 €. 

Applications will be accepted until March 31st 2019 and can be sent electronically together with the publication and letter of support to: 

Ausschreibung 2019
Announcement 2019


EUROMAR-Ernst Prize

The Ernst Prize will be awarded at the EUROMAR 2018 in Nantes to recognize ‘recent beneficial applications of Magnetic Resonance’. 

The Ernst Prize is intended to award achievements going beyond fundamental research, for groundbreaking applications of new or of previously known techniques in all areas of magnetic resonance. It is intended for research published within the last three years, although the origins of the ideas and experiments may have been described in previous publications.  In special cases, and at the discretion of the Prize Committee, the award may be for cumulative achievements over a longer period of time.  The Ernst Prize is intended to be awarded to a single individual; however, it may be awarded to up to three scientists if the Prize Committee deems that their contributions to the development of the applications are of equal value.  Former prize recipients are Alex Pines (2016) and Robert Griffin (2017).
The Prize comes with a purse of 10,000 Euros; it is sponsored by the Bruker BioSpin Corporation, and is awarded annually at the EUROMAR conference.

The 2018 Ernst Prize committee is made by Profs. Lucia Banci (chair), Lucio Frydman, Alex Pines, Robert Griffin, Wiktor Kozminski, Patrick Giraudeau and Hartmut Oschkinat.

Nominations must include and fulfill the following conditions:

• Nominations must include the nominee's name, affiliation, address, phone number, and e-mail
• Nominations must include a brief (ca. 200 words) description of the work serving as the basis for the nomination, and a list of relevant publications (~5).
• Nominees may not have received the Guenther Laukien Prize or the Russell Varian Prize in the preceding five years.
• Self-nominations are not accepted
• Nominations for the 2018 Ernst Prize will be considered until February 16, 2018 to Lucia Banci (, the Chair of the Ernst Prize Committee.

Posterpreis 2018

Anlässlich der 40. Diskussionstagung vom 10.09.-13.09.2018 in Leipzig wurden folgende Posterpreise verliehen:

Frau Linda Jütten
Postertitel: "The NMR solution structure of 2,5- diketo-piperazine containing 
peptides and in membrane mimetic medium".

Herr Yuri Golitsyn
Postertitel: "Solid-state NMR study of hte effect of a well-defined point defect in the middle of the polymer chain on the properties of the crystalline regions of poly(ethylene oxide)".

Herrn Patrick Tobias Hett
Postertitel: "Conformational changes in a cyclic nucleotide-binding domain sudied by PELDOR spectroscopy".

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