Ernst Awards

On the occasion of the Discussion Group Meeting together with the French group GERM held in Obernai from September 27th - 30th 1998, an Honorary Membership of the Magnetic Resonance Discussion Group of the German Chemical Society was bestowed upon.

Prof. Dr. R. R. Ernst
Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 1991

[very personal autobiography] [ extraordinary interview]

in recognition of his essential contributions to applications of Magnetic Resonance in solution, solid state and imaging magnetic resonance.

At the same time, an award honoring the work of young scientists has been established.


Ausschreibung 2018 folgt im Herbst




Felix-Bloch-Lecture (Kopie 1)

A special award is given to a distinguished scientist in the field of magnetic resonance. Nominees -- preferably young researchers -- should have made a particularly impactful scientific contribution over the course of the last five years. All of the disciplines associated with magnetic resonance can be considered. A sub-committee of the Board of the FGMR is responsible to select the awardee among the nominations.

The award is endowed with 1000 €€.

The awardee is supposed to give a total of four lectures.


Awardee / Bisherige Preisträger

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