During the annual lecture conference of the Division, awards are offered for the best posters, to be selected by an independent poster committee.

Posterpreise 2018

Anlässlich der 40. Diskussionstagung vom 10.09.-13.09.2018 in Leipzig wurden folgende Posterpreise verliehen:

Frau Linda Jütten
Postertitel: "The NMR solution structure of 2,5- diketo-piperazine containing peptides and in membrane mimetic medium"

Herr Yuri Golitsyn
Postertitel: "Solid-state NMR study of hte effect of a well-defined point defect in the middle of the polymer chain on the properties of the crystalline regions of poly(ethylene oxide)"

Herrn Patrick Tobias Hett
Postertitel: "Conformational changes in a cyclic nucleotide-binding domain sudied by PELDOR spectroscopy"

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